You will need to download the progwClient plugin if you’re using WordPress or create one for your CMS brand. Once you download upload to your server and extract the zipfile contents to your wp-content/plugins directory.

If you create one the client needs to send the link data in the following format. Do not deviate from this format or an error will be issued by the server. The URL needs to be:

  • The HASH_KEY was assigned to you at the time you registered.
  • The USER_NAME is the user name you registered at
  • The REGISTERED_DOMAIN is the domain you entered when your registered.
  • REFER_URL is the $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’] PHP variable, if HTTP_REFERER is empty give the REMOTE_ADDR instead.
  • REFER_IP is the $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’] PHP variable.
  • REFER_TIME is the $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_TIME’] PHP variable or the result of the time() function.

You can find the values of the HASH_KEY, USER_NAME and REGISTERED_DOMAIN on your profile page. The value of these three and the TRACK_CODE are used to determine where to log the access. If the server cannot determine that the TRACK_CODE and user profile data the referrer get’s an error page.

DOWNLOAD progwClient plugin now.

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