Terms Of Service (TOS)

Use of site

These TOS are related to the use of (ProGW) and the relationship to ProGW and you the client. This site is currently in Beta Mode and the TOS are still being developed. Suffice that to say that any use of this site deemed to be inappropriate shall freeze your account and the track codes from being used. Your registration for an account to ProGW demonstrates your agreement to these TOS.

You our client

ProGW also agrees to treat the use of your URL and track codes with respect and agree to not misuse your property. Under all circumstances you own the data your enter and are responsible for its use or misuse as the case may be.

Privacy Policy (PP)


We agree to keep your data related to track codes private. When you're able to post to the public areas of this site you are responsible for the data being posted and we can not be held accountable for it.


Data stored on your computer in the form of "cookies" is being used to maintain your session with our computers. We do not collect that data nor any other data from your private computer or other device.

Effective Ad Management with Track Code Tools