Thinking beyond Beta Turnup

I’m thinking beyond turnup of the beta service.  I’m thinking that once the site is live beta users will be given a six month free basic account.  I’m thinking about the tier options for the accounts, there will be at least 3 tiers but probably even more.  I’m thinking about the options for your use from reporting to advertising the links you are tracking.  I will at some point this year add the ability to advertise your links via a post on this site (providing you pay for that service).  I will also at some point in the near future provide posts to your social media accounts (again providing you pay for that service).  The tiered account model will be helpful to me in controlling what the user is allowed to do.  The price points are still being designed, probably $4.99 USD per month or $54.89 USD per year for the basic reporting service.

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