Pro Go Web

As of February 1, 2017 this site is now open for BETA site registration.  I will have the progwClient WordPress plugin ready for downloading by February 4, 2017.

This site tracks the use of your track code URL.  For instance if your site is named You have a nice landing page for a product named prodA.  You create a track code on this site named proda1 that points to  You then advertise with URL and redirection magic happens which logs the use of proda1 and sends the user on to your landing page.  The “go” in the previous example is configurable by you in the progwClient settings. You can create multiple ad track codes for the same landing page. This will help you determine which creatives are performing the best so you can discontinue the use of the ones that are not performing.

I am accepting considerations for other CMS plugin/modules that could be downloaded from this site.  The webAPI is simple and must follow strict rules to work properly. See the progwClient page for details.

Register now for a BETA user account.

Effective Ad Management with Track Code Tools